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Congratulations, you’ve qualified for the 2013 XTERRA USA Nationals and/or World Championships!

You now have 2 to 3 months, respectively, to get yourself trained and prepared for these super competitive events. Are you ready?!

Join professional XTERRA athlete and coach Cody Waite and his EPC Multisport Group Coaching program to assist you in your championship build-up. Coach Cody has created a dynamic training program that builds up specifically for the 2013 XTERRA USA and World Championship events. Have your training plan dialed in for you, get workouts designed specifically for XTERRA by an XTERRA pro, listen in and participate in regular conference calls, and even train with Cody the day before each race as you perform his prescribed ‘race prep’ workout the days before both events in Ogden and Maui. This is the same program that the EPC Multisport XTERRA team follows and includes many of the same workouts that Coach Cody has XTERRA World Champion Shonny Vanlandingham doing as she is returning to form this year after her ‘year off’ last year coming back from knee surgery.
Here is a recent quote from Shonny after her win at the XTERRA Mountain Championships, who credited the training program he built for her as one of the big reasons for her recent success:

“I started working with Cody and his EPC coaching program after Vegas and since then have gradually gotten more and more power.  He’s great, and good with older athletes as it’s more about quality than quantity, his program is really working for me,” said Vanlandingham.

The Details:

  • A dynamic training plan built specifically for the 2013 XTERRA USA and/or XTERRA World Championship events.
  • Live conference calls hosted by Coach Cody every two weeks to cover the plan details and Q&A (recorded calls also available).
  • Training schedule created every two weeks and delivered via Training Peaks (new Basic account included or link to your existing Premium account if applicable).
  • Specific workout details for each day of the week. Usually one ‘key’ workout and one ‘optional’ workout each day.
  • Coached “Race Prep” workouts the day before each event w/ Coach Cody in Ogden and Maui included.
  • The same or similar workouts that Shonny Vanlandingham and Cody Waite are doing for their preparation.
  • Plan adjustable to accommodate training volumes between 8 and 20 hours per week of training (typical is 10-14 hrs).
  • Experience/fitness level required are fit for anyone who has qualified for these championship events.
  • You can join the plan at any point leading up to the priority events assuming you’ve been training and racing already in 2013.
  • Email support available for your questions along the way.


Pricing Schedule:
  • XTERRA USA Championship ONLY = 8 week program for $159
  • XTERRA USA and/or World Championships = 13 week program for $239

* both programs can be pro-rated to $20 per week if joining inside the 8/13 week windows

  • Optional integrated coached group workouts led by EPC coaches Cody and/or Kathy Waite available for Denver based athletes.

Learn more about Coach Cody and EPC Multisport at www.epcmultisport.com

To get started contact Cody at: cody@epcmultisport.com

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  • Michelle Santiago - Reply

    August 10, 2013 at 3:43 am

    Hi Coach Cody.
    I am Michelle Santiago from Philippines.
    My husband & I pre-Qualify for the World Championship coming October.
    We would like to avail the 13week XTERRA Training Program in preparation for the race.
    Hope you can help us with this.
    Thank You Very Much and God Bless.

    • Cody Waite - Reply

      August 10, 2013 at 6:41 am

      Congratulations Michelle, to you and your husband for your Maui qualifications! I will contact you via email to get you help you get registered for the training plan. Keep up the great work the both of you!

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