XTERRA Mountain Championship Training Camp

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Join us June 12-15th in Winter Park, Colorado for our XTERRA Mountain Championship Training Camp! 

The four-day, high-altitude training camp is specifically structured for those peaking for the XTERRA championship race at Beaver Creek in July. The daily schedule will be packed full of training; participants can choose to attend which (or ALL) sessions they want to do. The basic theme will be ‘high intensity’ the first two days, followed by ‘race pace’ training the last two days, including the Winter Park MTB Hill Climb on the third day. The four-day, high-intensity training block will create the perfect stimulus to recover from and have you reach peak fitness by mid-July.

The objective of the camp is for you to be able to put together 4 days of high intensity training density to give you a boost of fitness just in time for Beaver Creek. This is a highly structured training camp (with some leisurely riding/running in the mix, too) made up of ‘training sessions’ as opposed to just ‘rides’ or ‘runs’. Every session will have an objective and purpose, and it will be challenging (and fun) to attend them all. Evenings will be spent leisurely around dinner with short discussions on training/racing topics led by EPC coaches Cody & Kathy Waite.

Here is the tentative schedule for the camp to give you an idea of what to expect:


  • Evening: Welcome Meeting/Camp Syllabus Review


  • Morning: Hill Repeat Run
  • Early Afternoon: Pool Swim*
  • Late Afternoon: Easy MTB Ride
  • Evening: Dinner*/Discussion


  • Morning: Hill Repeat Bike + Run Off
  • Early Afternoon: Pool Swim*
  • Late Afternoon: Easy Trail Run
  • Evening: Dinner*/Discussion


  • Morning/Early Afternoon: Winter Park MTB Hill Climb + extra riding + Run off the Bike
  • Evening: Dinner*/Discussion


  • Morning: Bike-Run Race Pace Transition Session
  • Afternoon: Travel Home*


*All travel, lodging, pool fees, bike race fees, and meals will be at the attendee’s expense. You can choose to rent a condo, stay in a hotel, or camp at a nearby campsite.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. We will break into smaller groups each session as needed to accommodate all levels. You can choose your own schedule according to what you’re up for each day of training (need more rest, take it!). Detailed maps, schedules and workout instructions will be included.

EPC athletes have priority access to sign-up at the low cost of only $50 for the 4 days of highly structured training. Non-EPC athletes are also invited to attend this great training opportunity for only $150 for the 4 days.

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