S:6 Winter Run Program

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Improve your run this Fall/Winter with the Sessions:6 Winter Run Program. 

Our 2015/2016 Winter Run Program kicks off next week! Designed for the runner and multisport athletes in the Denver area looking to improve their run fitness over the off-season in a fun and effective group training environment. Our program is included with all 2016 S:6 Endurance Team memberships, as well as non-team members via monthly memberships or punch cards.

Our training program is designed to focus on improving technique, efficiency and speed, allowing for faster running abilities across all distances for the 2016 competitive season. Through weekly structured running workouts following a progressive build of speed development (as opposed to long, slow base miles) you’ll breakthrough fitness plateaus and bring your run to a new level by Spring. Along the way we have selected monthly 5k races to test and track the progress being made.


There are four six-week periods of training that builds your run fitness and speed gradually and safely to a peak in mid-March. During these months you will improve your aerobic conditioning, running technique, and mental strength through challenging workouts and monthly fun 5k races (race fees are additional). The goal is to improve run speed and efficiency through the winter with a peak in March. At that point in the year, you will be able to add more distance work as desired to meet the running goals of your 2016 racing season.

There are 3 coach-directed “Quality Workouts” a week that contain structured work (tempo runs, fartlek runs, endurance runs & track workouts). Additional easy running sessions can be added on your own throughout the week as desired. Sessions:6 team members can choose to join the group workouts or do them on their own time (workout details are available for each day on the team training calendar).


We’ve selected one 5k (or progressively longer, if desired) race a month (Nov-Feb) as stepping stones and fitness “benchmarks” along the way as we build fitness towards our “A Race” in March. The first race will allow you to set your target training speeds, and each subsequent race will provide you with feedback on your progress from which you can adjust your training paces. We’ve selected the final “goal” race to be the always fun Running of the Green 7k in Denver on March 14th. This will be the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow of  new found running speed!


Have something to train for this winter to maintain motivation, bring your fitness to a whole new level, and have fun with like-minded people!  


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