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This year we are offering a few different options for different athletes including XTERRA Mountain Region, XTERRA Southeast/East Region, and Ironman Boulder.

// Group Coaching

Simply put, EPC’s Group Coaching is a training plan taken to the next level. Imagine getting a detailed monthly training plan that takes you through all of the necessary training phases to have your reach your peak for you target event(s). Pretty cool. You can find plenty of great training plans online, in book, magazines, from your local stud or stud-ette athlete in town; but it’s up to you to decipher the plan, stay on track and maintain overall motivation.

Well, take this killer training plan developed by professional racer, coach, family man, Cody Waite; and include with it a monthly conference call where you can listen in and learn all the ‘ins & outs’ of the plan, gain additional wisdom and insight from the man himself, and even ask the specific questions you’re going to have with any training program. Pretty rad! Now what if we put the proverbial ‘cherry on top’ of the program by including email access to Coach Cody throughout the entire process? That’s right, you have a question about a piece of the plan, or ‘if you should add this local training race in’, or ‘eat this piece of pie’; you can contact Coach Cody by email and get your questions answered! You’re probably thinking, “Holy crap this is good stuff.” Why yes it is, thank you.

// Frequently Asked Questions


For 2014 we have three individual programs available: two for XTERRA and one for Ironman. We have a program designed specifically for athletes on the eastern half of the country that are afraid of the cacti in the XTERRA West Championship and terrified of the altitude and elevation gain that comes with the XTERRA Mountain Championship; this eastern program target both the XTERRA Southeast and East Championships in Alabama and Richmond, respectively. The other XTERRA program is for the folks on the western side of the country that love the beauty and grandeur of the Rocky Mountains and courses that come with it (or those that happen to live in Denver and have to ‘climb that damn mountain at Beaver Creek’ because it’s their championship race). Both XTERRA programs include a continuing program all the way through to XTERRA USA and the big show at the XTERRA World Championships. That’s 10 months of training plans, conference calls, and direction!

Okay XTERRA make sense, Coach Cody is after all an XTERRA athlete himself, but Ironman? Yes we are offering a Group Coaching program specifically built for Ironman Boulder, and yes, Coach Cody has done an Ironman himself (despite not having the tattoo to prove it) and has coached many athletes to IM PR’s over the years. Why IM Boulder? Well that’s easy, because we have a lot of local Colorado athletes signing up for that one and they are wanting some direction on how to prepare for it. The IM Boulder program will run through August (including some recovery direction post race).


The programs officially begin in January, and the earlier you join in the better off you’ll be. However, you can join in at any time. Keep in mind our programs are very progressive and the training and workouts build upon the earlier training performed. If you miss our official start date, as long as you are not coming off the couch in spring and expecting to get in shape two months before a goal event, you can join in mid-program and make the most out of the time you’ve got with us.


Great question and one I knew was coming. We are offering a one-time flat fee option for those that want the best deal, as well as a monthly payment option for those that are either ‘late to the party’ or don’t have the lump sum available upfront (but trust us, it’s a way better deal to pay up front!). The fees are the same for all programs: XTERRA or IM.
- Done deal at $400
- $75 per month (paid on auto debit)
- No membership, no set-up fee, no other monies required.

  • EPC Group Coaching
    $400PER YEAR (OR $75/MONTH)
    • EPC Group Coaching Training Plan (Xterra & Ironman)
    • Monthly Conference Call
    • Email Communication with Coach Cody
    • EPC Training Peaks Calendar & Log (Basic)
    • Organized Group Activities
    • Discounted EPC Team Clothing
    • Additional EPC Services Discount
    • Sponsor & Partner Discounts
    • Starting At $40 Per Month

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